[box]We want to offer you the opportunity to get to know us before beginning a weight loss treatment and health re-education.[/box]

We want to listen to your requirements and expectations before proposing the most suitable solution to achieve your objectives. The Information visit is the perfect setting for this: we will inform you with no obligation. Discover how we can help and propose solutions to achieve this. You will have a consultation with our Healthcare Assistant or a member of our Medical Team as per availability. In any case, the information you receive will be about our support treatment services and prices so that you know what the NDU can do for your health.

Typically, at the end of the visit we deliver a complete and specific analysis so that our Medical Team can select the correct treatment solution. In the case of protein diets this is an essential requirement and for other treatments it is recommended. Thus, if after your information visit you decide to book and appointment with our team, the analysis results will be available and your personalised case assessed so that you can begin treatment from day one.

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