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We use cookies to facilitate the use of our website. Cookies are small files of information that allow us to compare and understand how our users navigate through our website and, in this way, to consistently improve the navigation process 다운로드. The cookies we use do not store any personal data or any information that can identify you. Should you not wish to receive cookies, please configure your Internet browser to erase the hard drive of your computer, the blocking or warning in case of installation of the same 다운로드. To continue without changing the configuration of cookies, just continue on the website.

The types of cookies that we use:


Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool from Google that primarily allows website owners understand how visitors interact with our website 교보문고 apk. Also enable cookies in the domain of the site where you are and uses a set of cookies called “__utma” and “__utmz” to collect information anonymously and report on trends websites without identifying individual users v4 매크로.


Google Maps is used to display maps in different parts of the website to display correctly used the following cookies: khcookie, NID and SNID PREF diskpart 다운로드.

If you do not want to allow the use of cookies on our web site, please follow these instructions: These procedures are subject to revision or modification by the developers of browsers, so we can not guarantee that the last fully conforming version is available at all times 다운로드.

Internet Explorer

In the “Tools> Internet Options” menu, go to the “Privacy” tab, select the desired setting and press the button Advanced Configuration 스타 리마스터 유즈맵 다운로드. Activate the “Override automatic cookie handling” box. Check the boxes “Enable” or “Disable”. We recommend activating the option “Always allow session cookies” to enable the optimal browsing on our website 콜러스 플레이어 동영상 다운로드.


In the “Tools> Options” menu, go to the “Privacy” tab. Turns the box “Accept cookies from sites” or “tell websites that do not want to be tracked” depending on your browser version 유튜브 동영상 쉽게 다운로드. You can also delete the cookies installed by clicking on the “remove individual cookies”.


In the “Tools> Settings” menu, go to the “Privacy> Content Settings” tab 다운로드. After selecting the “Show advanced options”, select your favorite setting cookies. If you do not want to allow the installation, you can select the “data block sites and third-party cookies”.


In the “Settings> Options” menu, go to the “Advanced” tab. In the “Cookies” menu select the options “Accept” or “not accept cookies ever.” If you want to have a greater level of control over the cookies that are installed on your computer, We recommend you to select the option “Ask before accepting cookies.”


In the “Tools> Preferences” menu, go to the “Security” tab. In the “Accept Cookies” select the “Always” or “Never.” If you have an iPhone, you should go to “Settings> Safari” and there choose whether or not you accept cookies.

If you use another browser, you can get more information on configuring the installation of cookies through the help section or assistance from that browser. If you need help to carry out the configuration of your browser cookies, please send us an email and we will help you

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