nutrition online consultation PalmaYour well-being is our priority: we tailor our services to adapt them to your needs and circumstances. If you   are aware that you need a change in your diet, but you are unable to assist in person to the consultation of Salud-10, we have opened the new online consultation, through which our specialists will be able to help you like   you were in a face visit.

How does the online consultation work?

Although it is an online appointment, rest assured it does not imply a loss of quality, since we  follow the same guidelines as an in-clinic consultation. You will be able to talk to your physician face-to-face, through a videoconference system such as skype.

The first contact is through email and it has the objective to gather information to find out what it is you need, (totally free of charge, no strings attached), through a series of questionnaires. Once we have all the relevant information, we will set a time and date for the online consultation, with the appropriate specialist for each case. Before this, we request a recent blood test, in order to obtain as much information as possible about your current health parameters.

During the online consultation, a set of guidelines to follow (nutritional guidelines, specific advices, diet plans, etc.) will be provided and you will receive a document with all the information via email.

In-between consultations, our staff is at a click or a phone call away to solve any questions you may have, without any additional cost.

In the next consultations, we will review the treatment progress, you will be able to solve your questions and we will adapt new guidelines to the innovations that go out in the day after day.

 nutrition online consultation MallorcaWhat will I need to do to set up an online consultation?

First things first: a computer with webcam, a microphone and speakers or headphones, in order to communicate properly. You will also need a good Internet connection and a Skype account. Skype is the program through which we will communicate. It could also be done from a smartphone with camera.

What kind of physician will I be assigned to?

Depending on your identified needs and the objectives you want to set, visits will be done with our endocrine or metabolic specialist doctor or with our dietitian. There is the possibility of additional follow-up visits, when necessary, with our Psychology and/or Psychiatry specialists, because, in some cases, emotional and psychological support will be an essential part of the treatment.

How can I book an appointment?

You can contact us through the form by calling 971 205728 or sending an email to Remember, the first evaluation is free of charge!