Salud 10 - Coaching Nutricional[box]Coaching or Personal Training is a word used lately to refer to learning techniques or cognitive or behavioural patterns directed by a mentor, psychologist or “coach”. So coaching, in this context, is just the training that one should follow to improve a particular aspect of your life[/box]

In the NDU we talk about nutritional support as a reference to the training that is required in many cases to transform our relationship with food. It is often the case that people with overweight and obesity problems use food as a form of escape or relief from something that causes them sadness, anger or stress. Using food as a palliative or comfort in difficult times does not solve the problem that led us to food in the first place. It only provides a brief and immediate relief but whose curative effects soon fade. This type of behaviour only leads to overeating, hungry or not and also instils a sense of guilt for having eaten something we should not have and in excessive amounts.

Being aware that there is a behavioural problem in relation to food (or other things) is the beginning of the ideal opportunity for greater knowledge and helps develop intelligent emotional strategies to act in accordance with our objectives. We want to help you identify if your relationship with food is appropriate or if you must modify it and if so our team is ready to help with the necessary tools for achievement. Our nutritionist, María Truyols, has the training and relevant experience to help each patient find their inner motivation to build a new relationship with food based on appropriate foods.

In cases where the relationship with food is compulsive and / or is linked to anxiety or emotional problems, the patient can be referred to our psychologist, Mª Eugenia Torrente, who has experience in clinical psychology. Her work with our patients is fundamental to achieving food re-education based on the patient incorporating guidelines to manage their day to day lives without attacking the fridge or using short-term reliefs that divert us from our long-term goals.