Our experience built up over 35 years in both urology and sexology, with more than 500 patients in the area of nutrition in the last 3 years, has allowed us to determine that obesity or overweightness is a risk factor for patients with urology, andrology and sexology problems

Overweightness doesn’t just negatively affect general health, but also brings about sexual health problems such as impotence. It’s for this reason that in our Nutrition Unit  we have adapted a comprehensive approach to the treatment of excess weight based on psychological and nutritional education.

Our team, which brings together professionals from these areas, offers ways to address these problems in a multi-disciplinary fashion, guaranteeing a satisfactory outcome for the patient. The result is our Salud-10 Programme, based on the adherence to a completely personalised diet, with constant advice from our professionals. This is a quick and safe way to lose weight without a risk to your health. Contact us and we will guide you to the most effective method to lose weight.

We offer a free preliminary consultation to evaluate your situation. In cases where a protein diet is prescribed it will be necessary to conduct an analytical study of glucose, iron, cholesterol and other blood elements.

On this website you can find useful Information about the various disorders associated with obesity and the most effective treatments to deal with it. Overcoming overweightness is not just about diet but requires an understanding that lifestyle changes are also required.

In the NDU we are delighted to put you on the road to resolving your problem, whether it’s through personalised or group therapies.