We want to thank the patients who have confided in our weight-loss team our weight-loss team and improved their food regime. Our best cover letter is the hundreds of satisfied patients who have already achieved their goals and now enjoy improved health and increased self-esteem. Most of our patients come to us via recommendations from family or friends, which brings pride to our team as word of mouth is definitely the result of good work between the team and the patient.

In this section we want to reflect the opinion of our patients in an honest manner and without any touching up. These are some of the testimonies of patients who have kindly shared their experience with the aim of motivating those who have not yet figured out how to lose weight. If you would like to give your experience you can do so on our  Facebook or by sending us an email at info@salud-10.com.

We very much appreciate your opinion and suggestions for improvement. Your experience can serve as an inspiration for those who have not yet decided to turn their lives around, lose weight and get healthy. Thank you for your contribution!

 “I came with a low morale, with a lot of weight. Today I’m a completely different person. I’m a new woman, happy and with a desire to conquer the world. I didn’t believe that in such a short time I could manage to lose those kilos that I didn’t need, but most importantly, mentally preparing me not to return to those times. I thank and give a big hug to the professionals who helped us achieve our wishes: drop the kilos and never to regain them.”

L.O.B, (lost 32 kgs in 7 months)

 “I am very happy with the diet, which has now finished, most of all, I recommend it to everybody”


I recommend you do this diet, you will not regret it, for me it has changed my life completely and made me want to live more. Apart from anything else, mentally, it has made me better in two months than 3 years of anti-depressants. I am never going back to that stage. Thank You”


“Thank you for rekindling my self-esteem and health. It’s like I’ve been reborn. Incredible!!”


In these four months I have managed to reconcile with my body but, above all, learn to see food in a different light, to enjoy cooking and sharing food with my family (they have also noticed the change), a return to concentrating on maintaining and active and healthy life. Enjoy! Thank you for showing me the way