Once we learn about your current eating habits and your personal circumstances, we will design a customised plan just for you. The aim is to present you with a nutritional plan that it is completely adapted to your needs and objectives, without causing too many disruptions in your daily activities.

The goal is to learn to choose how and what to eat to feel better, not only during the actual treatment, but for the rest of your life. Learning new tools, discovering different foods or healthier cooking methods will be a part of what you take home after the time invested with our medical team.

Take control of your food and lifestyle, improve your wellbeing!

Salud 10 - Dietas personalizadasWe can offer you:

  • Personalised assessment for dietary restrictions (allergies, intolerances, etc.)
  • Dietary requirements for people who need specific foods (diabetes, hypertension, etc.)
  • Celiac diets, vegan, vegetarian or other dietary restrictions

This is about enabling those who want to lose weight and feel better through a careful and appropriate diet and at their own pace. In Salud-10 we do not advocate a specific diet for everyone nor do we believe that one method is better than another. The key is to customise treatment and address weight loss as a key health issue for us to feel better about ourselves. Dietary re-education is an essential part of weight loss treatment, regardless of what is chosen. If after reaching our ideal weight, we turn to eat “as before”, the dreaded rebound effect will be inevitable. Salud-10 will help prevent this from happening but the first requirement is that the patient understands that it is the start of a turning point to incorporate healthy living guidelines that will be insurance for a better life, specially in difficult times when it is important to be in control.