There is some doubt about food consumption while doing sports. When we subject our body to higher than usual levels of activity, it stands to reason that the food intake should be adequate to offset the energy produced.sports nutrition Palma

The intake should cover caloric intake and allow the athlete to maintain a proper weight to perform optimally in their sport. Keep in mind that by increasing physical activity, energy needs are increased and thus there is a greater demand for some nutrients.

Factors to take into account
Age, sex, body composition, activity type, intensity and level of training, duration of exercise, ambient temperature and number of meals: How and how much depends on the activity being pursued.

Stages that influence food needs:

  • Food in the days before competition
  • Food in the day of competition
  • Food before competition
  • Food during competition

Hydration, how much and when?
Electrolyte, vitamin and mineral replacement are very important due to loss during exercise – hydration before, during and after exercise.

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