What do you want to achieve?

Some of the most frequent demands are included below, but if you don’t find your particular case among them, please contact us in order to come up with a personalised treatment. We specialise in difficult cases and our multidisciplinary team will be able to help you reach your goals safely and efficiently.

1. Weight loss
2. Weight loss associated to medical conditions (diabetes, hypertension, etc.)
3. Protein diet
4. Tailored nutrition programme (individual or familiar)
    1 튜더스 다운로드. Mother in trouble: We teach you how to organize your fridge
    2. High-risk occupations
    3. Timetable disorder
    4. Eating away from home
5. Nutrition and cancer
6. Post-breast feeding
7. Sports nutrition
8. Tube feeding, gastrostomy or jejunostomy
9 다운로드. Anxiety management and impulse control, psychological support
10. Programme for quitting smoking without gaining weight
11. Psychiatric support, medication control and nutritional monitoring
12. Eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, binge eating
13. Overweight teenagers and teenagers suffering from eating disorders

1. – Weight loss treatments: Personalised diets

In Salud-10 we can design a custom-made nutritional programme by carefully reviewing your current eating habits and taking into account your personal and working circumstances. The aim is to develop a plan that suits your needs and goals.

2.- Weight loss associated to medical conditions (diabetes, hypertension, etc.)

One of our main goals is to develop personalized treatments, especially if you have any pathology or your case presents any specific characteristic 수학 교과서 다운로드. Therefore, we will prepare a plan that will be perfectly adapted to your situation and that will help you to improve your quality of life.

3.- Protein Diet
Have you ever heard of the Protein Diet? Do you wish to find out whether it is right for you? Have you ever seen other people dramatically losing weight without being hungry and without regaining it?
– First visit with our endocrinologist
– Planning of the different treatment stages
– If the Protein Diet is not suitable for you, our expert will suggest a specialised nutritional plan *

* Sometimes, it is only a matter of correcting a single parameter from your blood test, which may be unbalanced. Once it is right, you will be able to begin this efficient treatment that will help you with the dietary re-education.

4.- Tailored nutrition programme (individual or familiar)

    -a) Mother in trouble: We teach you how to organize your fridge 다운로드.
Do you have to prepare the meals for all your family –which includes a little bit of snacking during the process and being unable to stop to eat properly? Then come to bring order to your diet.
We will teach you how to organise your fridge so that you can plan all your week ahead and have all your meals ready. Thus, you will feel better and lose the weight you have gained these last years, before it is too late.
    – b) High risk occupation.
You have food at hand during 8 hours a day in your workplace. You have overweight or obesity problems and realise that you cannot control yourself 대번 장 다운로드. You need help to know how to control yourself and get out of that spiral that leads you to low self-esteem and poor quality of life. We offer you monthly packs to alternate visits with our Nutritionist-Dietician and our Psychologist, on a weekly basis.
    – c) Timetable disorder.
You do not have any order in your daily schedule. You wake up late and you do not even know whether you have breakfast or lunch. The common denominator in your life is… disorder. However, you realise you cannot keep on going like this, so you ask for help.
    – d) Eating away from home.
Due to work obligations, it is impossible for you to have lunch at home, which means eating unhealthy food 겁쟁이페달 4기. We can help you to reconcile having lunch outside your home with having good dietary habits.

5.- Nutrition during and after chemotherapy treatment 

Doctor Josefina Olivares will guide your diet during this stage of your life, a moment in which you need a special follow-up that will help you to overcome this challenge. An adequate diet is crucial to improve your wellbeing and make you stronger before, during and after your treatment.

6.- For mums: end of the breastfeeding period

You have finished the breastfeeding period and now need a guidance on how eating healthy, but you only want a monthly visit. We will allot one full hour for you and then we will provide you with the right recipes to help you reach your goals. You can also contact us via the Internet if you have any doubt.

7.- Sports nutrition

Are you an elite athlete in search of improving your performance 다운로드? Do you have a sedentary work and cannot decide what to eat when you have time to train and when you have not? Do you want to get ready for an upcoming sporting challenge? Do you want to control your diet and improve your performance? Do you need an outstanding physical condition for your work but somehow you feel like “losing your powers”? Are you a teenager who trains and wants to learn how to eat better? Do you feel like this: “I don’t lose weight even though I work out a lot”? We can help you to attune the kind of sport you should practice with your diet.

8.- Patients with nasograstic tube feeding, gastrostomy or jejunostomy

9.- Impulse control: Change your relationship with food 세움터 도면 다운로드!

You wish to lose weight but are afraid to face a reduction of your food intake –after all, you know you will not be able to control yourself. You know it is not that you are hungry: it is an anxiety issue. You have to analyse the causes of such anxiety. You have to know whether you need any medication or whether you need a dramatic change in your dietary habits. Maybe you have started to eat high carbohydrates and fat meals that only lead you to want more and more. If this is the case, you have to cut your losses. It is in your hands to change your life. You have started your plan with great vigour, but in a few weeks and especially if you are under stress either at you workplace or at home, you are tempted to eat something you like but that is not good for you 삼성 kies3 다운로드. Learn to manage your impulses! Our Psychologist will teach you how to strengthen your will in those hard moments.

10.- You want to quit smoking but you are afraid to put on weight

We will teach you how to break this damaging habit without gaining weight. We follow the programme of the Spanish Association Against Cancer, which has shown its remarkable efficiency, and we combine this with our own nutritional advice. If you are willing to make a greater effort, we will develop a customised nutritional plan.

11.- Psychiatric support, medication control and nutritional monitoring  

You are under psychiatric treatment, but you are looking for a holistic approach that helps you reach a state of wellbeing as well as a monitoring of your medication. You think you may need a psychiatric consultation to solve your feeding problems. You require a nutritional follow-up in order to not losing balance or the good habits 다운로드.

12.- Eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, binge eating

Do you think you suffer from an eating disorder? Do you start to eat and are unable to stop? Do you wake up at night and start to eat until you feel sick, and next day your self-esteem is at rock bottom?
13.- Overweight teenagers

Are you a teenager who has started to gain weight? If so, do you know how to eat healthy?
Do you have to take care of a teenager but can’t figure out what low-calories meals you should prepare?
Then contact us to find out how you should eat, cook and combine your food. We will also teach you how to make up for the excesses. You will leave our centre with several recipes that will help you to change your life.
– Teenagers or relatives with potential eating disorders: if you suspect that someone in your life (a relative or a friend) is suffering from any eating disorder and you want to help them, you can also book an informative consultation. You will be able to tell your case, or the case of the person you are worried about, and our experts will advise on what to do and how to help.